Mini Air Cooler

Bring The Outdoor Breeze Indoors

Beat the heat anywhere, anytime, with the Breezie™ Mini Air Cooler. Compact, stylish & surprisingly powerful, Breezie™ is an ideal companion in any home, office or bedroom.

95% Less Electricity

Breezie™ keeps you cool using just 5% of the electricity used by a traditional air conditioner.

Cools Your Space by an Extra 10ºC

In testing, Breezie™ has been shown to cool one's personal space by an additional 10º celsius!

Noise-Free Cooling for Restful Sleep & Focussed Work

At a tiny 30dB, Breezie™ is the quietest mini air cooler in its class, ensuring restful sleep & uninterrupted focus.

  • Lightweight and compact
    Breezie™ sits unnoticed on your desk or bedside table, requiring a minimal amount of space
  • Silent Running Motor
    At a tiny 30dB, Breezie™ is the quietest mini air cooler in its class, ideal for a restful night’s sleep or an uninterrupted work day
  • Low Electricity Usage
    Save money on electric! Breezie™ keeps you cool with just 5% of the electricity used by traditional air conditioners.
  • Smart Refill Alerts
    The built-in water level indicator and low-level alert ensures you’re never without cooled air, or forget to top up before bed.

How does Breezie™ work?

Breezie™ uses efficient evaporative cooling technology that mixes water vapor with air, producing a constant, calm & refreshing airflow that gives you the sensation of a chilled outdoor breeze.

Simply top up the water reservoir in your Breezie™ with fresh water for a constant and sustained cooling breeze. For added cooling effectiveness, you can even add some ice!

Thousands of Happy Customers

I’ve been using this whenever I stay over at my grandmother’s house. The best portable cooler I’ve ever purchased. Just the right size to fit in my bag.
Lou F.
Super happy with this mini air-cooler. I just replaced my old fan with this and it’s such a great buy. It’s just the right size that fits in my desk too. Carol T.
Carol T.
Well done makers of Breezie. I love this product so much. Now that summer’s approaching, I’m thinking of getting my mother this for her home.
Carl R.

Worldwide Shipping

We'll ship your Breezie™ order anywhere in the world, with free USPS shipping on domestic orders.

Quality Guarantee

Every Breezie™ unit comes with our quality guarantee, backed by a no-fuss 12 month warranty.

Instant Cooling

We're confident you'll fall in love with Breezie™ as a replacement for your expensive air conditioner.


Chemical-free & low electricity usage, Breezie™ a certified eco-friendly alternative to standard air conditioning systems.