Breezie™ - Mini Air Cooler

Beat summer’s heat anywhere, anytime, with the Breezie™ Mini Air Cooler

Breezie is a portable, USB powered mini air-cooler ideal for small bedrooms, offices, homes & workspaces.

With its compact design, noiseless fan and powerful air cooling system, Breezie™ makes an ideal replacement for standard fans & expensive air con systems.

Breezie’s efficient evaporative cooling technology mixes water vapor with air, producing a constant, calm & refreshing airflow that gives you the sensation of a chilled outdoor breeze.

With the portable Breezie™ mini-cooler, you can take comfort with you wherever you go, keeping you cool on even the hottest and driest days of the year, all without running up your electricity costs.

Worldwide Shipping

We'll ship your Breezie™ order anywhere in the world, with free USPS shipping on domestic orders.

Quality Guarantee

Every Breezie™ unit comes with our quality guarantee, backed by a no-fuss 12 month warranty.

Flawless Results

It'll takes just one session with the Breezie™ for you to start seeing cleaner, healthier & more vibrant looking skin.

The Natural Choice

The Breezie™ helps you keep your skin naturally clean by avoiding chemical masks & abrasive scrubs.