Frequently Asked Questions

How much can Breezie™ cool?

In testing, Breezie™ has been shown to cool down air by up to an additional 10 degrees celsius within a user’s personal space. This is what makes Breezie™ ideal for bedside tables & office desks, and an increasingly popular choice for those working from home.

Can I turn off the lamp?

Yes, the lamp can be turned off.

Is Breezie an air conditioner?

Breezie™ is not an air conditioner and does not use any harmful refrigerant chemicals or noisy compressors like traditional air conditioners do. Breezie™ is an air cooler and instead uses natural evaporation and water vapor to provide its chilled airflow.

Will Breezie™ use a lot of electricity?

No, Breezie™ uses a minimal amount of electricity and requires just 5V/1A to operate efficiently. It is for this reason that Breezie™ has become a popular choice amongst people working from home who want to minimise their electricity usage whilst working long hours.

Does Breezie™ Make a Lot of Noise?

No, in testing Breezie™ has measured just 30db of sound activity, making it one of the quietest coolers in its class. Furthermore, there are no noisy compressors present inside Breezie™.

Do I need to assemble the product?

No. Breezie™ is ready to use right out of the box. Just fill it with water, maybe even some ice, and plug it into your power outlet, computer or power bank. 

Is Breezie suitable for an RV?

Yes! Breezie™ is a popular choice amongst campervan and RV enthusiasts as it can operate normally on a standard 12v RV battery connection.

Can Breezie™ be used as an aroma diffuser?

Yes! We love scented oils here at Breezie™ HQ and often add them to our Breezie™ units. If you’d like to use your Breezie™ as an aroma diffuser, simply add a few drops of essential oil to the water tank and mix with water. As the water is evaporated into the airflow, the essential oils will be dispersed.

Can Breezie™ cool large rooms?

Breezie™ is better suited as a personal air cooler, for placing on your work desk, bedside table or kitchen counter. Breezie™ is not designed for large rooms, however if you do choose to use Breezie™ in a larger space, we would recommend using multiple units.

How can I increase the cooling power of Breezie™?

A simple trick to maximizing the cooling effectiveness of Breezie™ is to top up its water reservoir with ice cubes and chilled water. This simple trick dramatically enhances the cooling effectiveness of Breezie™, especially when used in your personal space. Furthermore, a personal favorite at Breezie™ HQ is adding a couple drops of menthol essential oils to further increase the cooling sensation!